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Automatically Migrate CS Cart Products to WooCommerce

When facing a CS Cart to WooCommerce migration for your store’s extensive collection of products and categories, the task can be daunting or seem impossible.  JDAC Computing Solutions offers a painless way to migrate this information for you that does not involve creating hard to work with CSV files that may or may never work fluidly with WooCommerce’s built-in product import functionality.

The Trouble with Importing Products to WooCommerce from another Platform

If you’ve ever tried to import any amount of products into WooCommerce from a different eCommerce platform, you know how challenging it can be.  If you’ve never had to do this and want an idea of these challenges, check out this page.

The very first challenge is right there and the very top of that page – Create your CSV.  The CSV format contains 40+ columns of data that have to be set up on separate rows for each of your product.  Sure, your existing eCommerce platform probably has the ability to export all of your products to a CSV file, but even then, that file needs to be ‘massaged’ into the format acceptable to WooCommerce and that in itself is a time-consuming and error prone process.

And – Even when you get the data right, there are still inherent limitations to the WooCommerce import functionality, such as products not being fully linked to multi-level category trees, as one example.


CSCart2WCMigrate is a custom utility developed by JDAC Computing Solutions that can turn the nightmare of your CS Cart to WooCommerce migration into a dream.  This process works directly through the back-end databases in CS Cart and WordPress/WooCommerce to read and directly transfer all of your product information to WooCommerce.  The only things required are a few simple preparation steps.

Benefits of CSCart2WCMigrate

  • No cumbersome CSV files are involved
  • Fluid migration of full product category taxonomies, no matter how many levels
  • Ability to optionally branch all of your existing product categories under a single new “Super Category”
  • Hands-off migration of all products from your CS Cart instance to your WooCommerce instance.
  • Automatically handles migration of product image attachment data as well


A few minutes of preparation is all that’s required for us to migrate your CS Cart Products and Categories to your new WooCommerce installation:

  • Remote database access to both the CS Cart and WooCommerce databases are required for us to execute the migration for you.
  • FTP access to your hosting solution so we can move your CS Cart product images into a migration location where WooCommerce can find them after the migration
  • Installation of a WordPress plug-in such as Regenerate Thumbnails that will regenerate all of the required product images so WooCommerce can use them.

The CS Cart to WooCommerce Migration Process

Once the initial requirements have been met, JDAC Computing Solutions will execute the CS Cart to WooCommerce migration and validate your product and category set up on completion.  The time required to execute the migrate will depend on the number of products involved, but performance data so far shows that product collections of up to 20,000 products generally completes in about an hour, depending on internet traffic conditions.

It’s very simple:

  • Provide us the access shown in the Requirements section above.
  • Sit back and relax
  • View your products with images in the right categories in your new WooCommerce storefront.


Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and pricing for this highly-demanded service!


By John Arnold

John Arnold, as the founder of JDAC Computing Solutions, is passionate about software development in all forms and loves Object-Oriented Software Development, especially. John has worked in software development in many roles over 30 years, from developing distributed client server systems for Texas Utilities in Dallas and the Department of Defense in San Antonio, to global web-based enterprise applications for companies like Nextel, Sprint, IBM, Texas State Technical College, and Phillips 66 Company. Through JDAC Computing Solutions, John wants to share his experience and knowledge to provide you with the helpful information that will empower you to successfully prevail over today's in-numerous and vexing technical issues surrounding websites, applications, and even personal computing, and to provide expert consulting services when the job you're facing requires it.

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