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Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development Solutions

JCS provides expert services in web design and development, bringing many years of experience in multiple web technologies. JCS specialize in full-stack web applications development on multiple programming platforms, framewords, and database management systems.  Whether you’re looking for CMS, e-Commerce, API integration, or custom application development, JCS is a one-stop shop.

JDAC Computing Solutions has been providing WordPress consulting services to clients since 2010, offering over 10 years experience in deploying responsively designed WordPress websites for multiple industries.  JCS draws from a wide array of compelling themes with an emphasis on Bootstrap and Responsive Design to ensure your site will ‘pop’ whether your visitors are on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

With close to 30 years of experience in software engineering, and with over 20 of those dedicated solely to web applications and website design and development, JDAC Computing Solutions knows a few tricks of the trade.  JCS can architect and design your custom solutions using only proven Object-Oriented design methodologies which means your site or web application will be scalable, extensible, and maintainable.

JCS takes pride in knowing that getting it right up front means everything. We apply every bit our our experience to derive analysis-based and grounded solutions that will provide a solid foundation for your web application needs for years to come.

Contact JCS today to discuss your application development or support and maintenance needs. A brief list of JCS technology expertise…

  • LAMP/WAMP Full-Stack
  • Ruby on Rails
  • ColdFusion Applications
  • HTML/CSS and Javascript
  • Node.js

JCS takes website security seriously. In addition to securing site connectivity to ensure clients are only operating across secure channels with strong encryption protocols, JCS also routinely employs a standardized security-conscious web solutions architecture so that all application credentialing is isolated and secure.  Whether these are database credentials, API keys for AWS, or remote systems interfaces and connectivity, these proven architectures safeguard sensitive data from would-be attackers.

As any web server access logs can easily show, if you’re online, somebody is trying to hack you.  By utilizing solid security principles and standardized security checklists developed over years of experience, JCS minimizes your exposure.

JDAC Computing Solutions utilizes a detailed and up-to-date SEO strategy consisting of 7 comprehensive templates to launch your successful online presence.

The JCS approach to SEO is based on the latest 2018 SEO Strategy recommendations by leading industry experts and has been tailored by JDAC Computing Solutions to ensure that SEO is a starting point for your new web site rather than an afterthought.

If you are thinking about launching a new site, emphasize SEO first and evolve your site around a proven strategy that utilizes keyword strategies, social media, structured data, video, and site linking.

Contact JCS to discuss SEO strategies for your site in more detail.

JCS has extensive experience in multiple database management systems and can easily satisfy any data migration needs you may have. We specialize in the following DBMS systems and have proven experience successfully migrating data between these platforms.

  • IBM DB/2
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • IBM UniData/UniQuery

JCS also specializes in cross-platform data transformations to port your valuable business data across multiple solution providers.

JDAC Computing Solutions understands that when it comes to building a new WordPress site, the theme  and plug-in options available to WordPress users are virtually limitless. This is why JCS uses only proven themes and plug-in that have longevity in the WordPress Community and where the necessary technical support from well-established WordPress developers is available.

JCS also understands that in many cases an off-the-shelf theme will only meet 80% to 90% of your desired goal requirements.  In cases where specifications are extremely unique, the percentage of UI and Functional coverage offered by off-the-shelf themes and plug-ins can be so low that a custom  theme and plug-in development is the only option.

JCS has proven experience and can offer consulting services and support in the critical WordPress Development areas.

  • WordPress Child Theme Development
  • WordPress Custom Theme Development
  • WordPress Custom Plug-in Development
  • Custom Post Types
  • Advance Custom Fields and Mappings

Contact JCS

At JCS, we are expert at developing custom full-stack web applications that run on Apache, PHP & MySQL. Utilizing proven Object-Oriented Design and Development Principles, JCS focuses on your unique business requirements rather than trying to “fit” your requirements into a predetermined formula or platform.

JCS never advocates pushing a “one size fits all” approach to any set of requirements and long experience has shown that there is no “magic bullet.” Through the years countless software development projects have failed after significant time and expense due precisely to the “one size fits all” and “magic bullet” approaches that were adopted early on without a full understanding of the application requirements.

That being said, our wide range of expertise and experience allows JCS to recommend proven frameworks and platforms where it makes sense to do so. However, if your business application requirements do not lend themselves with specificity to a purpose-built framework, such as a content management system or e-Commerce platform, JCS will not try to wrap your solution inside one. 

JCS has the expertise to choose from a wide ranging set of tools to meet any set of needs. This expertise is founded on over 30 years combined design and development experience providing software solutions to customers from small to Fortune 500 companies as well as the Department of Defense.

At JCS, we excel in the analysis, design, and development of custom solutions that fit your business requirements – without software bloat and without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Because data is constantly changing and web applications should always work with the most current information available, that fact is that the best web applications are not self-contained, but work with other resources across the web to accomplish their goals.

Application Programming Interfaces provide a way to transmit and receive data from disparate sources across the web, and JDAC Computing Solutions specializes in integrating APIs into your web solutions.

Whether GEO location services, federal public data, distance matricing, web-to-lead generation, or even energy related data, JCS can integrate any API solution into your site to ensure you’re working with the most current and accurate information possible.

JDAC Computing Solutions provides website migration services – no matter the platform, no matter the hosting services involved.

If you need your site moved from one host to another, or want to move your business from one technology platform to another, JCS offers a full range of services to meet your needs and utilizes proven, time-tested data migration and functional migration methods, employs full testing and validation, and, in certain cases, will even develop custom built migration tools to overcome obstacles as needed. 

Once JCS takes on a migration project, whether it’s a simple host-to-host or a cross-platform project, we’re not done until YOU say we’re done and JCS does whatever it takes to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the results.

JDAC Computing Solutions offers years of experience in the E-commerce arena.  Having worked with many different e-commerce platforms across the years, JCS can get your retail business up and running online quickly – regardless of the shopping cart solution you choose.